Welcome to LearningLead!

We offer coaching, mentoring, public or tailored courses and workshops in program-, project- and transformation management/leadership. We also enable good facilitation practices, exploratory un-conferences and more!

We are SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC), PMP® and/or LEGO Serious Play® certified.

Learning is not just to read a book, take an odd course, but with the help and in dialoge with an experienced person, 
applied ideally to a real situation.

LearningLEAD is a part of ProgressLEAD, and because of that we have plenty of experienced consultants who also instruct. There is always someone who has the understanding and has worked in a similar situation as might be needed to understand. 

Also this collaboration gives us expansive possibilities to further both the instructor’s and the consultant’s career and knowledge. The combination of doing and coaching/teaching and doing again is invaluable.


Our Instructors

Our instructors have long experience in the subjects they teach. They go through an internal vetting process and then co-teach until they handle courses on their own. Of course they are certified.

Practical Exercises

Our exercises are tailored to your organisations's needs. We can adjust as we go, or prepare exercises to suit ahead of the course/workshop.

Interactive material

Our own material is truly interactive and online. You have access to the complete material up to three months after the event. Accessible on phones, computers and tablets.